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Public Works

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Under the federal Clean Water Act, cities must implement management practices to reduce the risk of pollution entering waterbodies through a stormwater system. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency oversees and administers a permit program on behalf of the US Environmental Protection Agency that regulates these management practices to ensure that federal and state requirements are being met. The City’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP) lays out the management practices the City employs to address pollution within its stormwater system and to meet regulatory requirements.

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Road Maintenance

Report Potholes

Finding potholes in roads around Dellwood?  Please reach out and let us know.  Potholes can be reported by using the form below, or by contacting:

Road Maintenance Inquiries?

    Department Officials

    Recycling – Accepted Materials List


    • Mail, office and school papers
    • Magazines and catalogs
    • Newspapers and inserts
    • Phone books
    • Books
    • Shredded Paper (in closed paper bags)
    • Cereal, cracker, and pasta boxes
    • Shoe boxes, gift boxes and electronics boxes
    • Toiletry and medication boxes
    • Cardboard
    • Pop and beer boxes


    • Milk, soup and broth cartons
    • Juice boxes
    • Wine and juice cartons


    • Food and beverage bottles and jars


    • Food and beverage cans
    • Aluminum foil and trays (rinsed and clean)

    Plastic #1 – #7

    • Water, soda and juice bottles
    • Milk and juice jugs
    • Ketchup and salad dressing bottles
    • Yogurt, pudding and fruit cups
    • Margarine, cottage cheese and other tubs
    • Produce, deli and take out containers (except for black containers)
    • Dish washing liquid bottles
    • Detergent jugs
    • Shampoo, soap and lotion bottles (remove pump)
    • Clear packaging from toys and electronics
    • Disposable cups and bowls
    • Medicine bottles

    For further recycling information, see the Washington County Environmental Center Website:


    Garbage Haulers

    Gene’s Disposal 5661 152nd St. N. Hugo, MN 55038 651-426-1224
    Maroney’s Sanitation, Inc. 209 Lansing Avenue North Stillwater, MN 55082 651-439-7279
    Waste Management 10050 Naples St. NE Blaine, MN 55449 952-890-1100

    Additional Resources