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Fee Schedule

City of Dellwood Fee Schedule - City Code Section 30.11

The City Council may adopt those fees and charges that are authorized by this code. Until a fee becomes effective, all fees and charges established by ordinance or resolution prior to the adoption of this code shall remain in effect. Once a fee has become effective any previous fee is no longer in effect.  License fees are annual fees and permit fees are for each permit, unless specified otherwise.  The following license fees and permit fees shall be paid to the City Clerk together with the application for license or permit:

* This page was last updated on January 17, 2022 with the latest fees. For a PDF copy of the Fee Schedule, please Click Here.


General Fees

For all licenses and permits not listed below $30.00

Administrative Fees

Copies $0.25 per sheet (residents free within reason)
Return Check Fee $30.00

Business & License Fees

Garbage License (Section 50.12) $200.00
Vendor License Application Fee $1.00 per application
Vendor License $200.00
Liquor License (Chapter 112) $600.00
Temporary Liquor License $0.00 per permit
Cigarette License (Chapter 114) $40.00

Animal Control Fees

Animal License (Section 91.02) $10.00 for two years
Animal Control Impound Fee (Section 91.07) $90.00 per occurrence PLUS
* $22 daily impound and any veterinary costs
* All fees incurred by the City shall be born by the animal owner

General Permit Fees

Gambling Permit (Chapter 116) $0.00
Fireworks Application Permit Fee (Section 130.03) $200.00
Open Burning Permit (Section 130.09) Amount required by White Bear Lake Fire Department
Public Dance Permit (Section 118.03) $200.00

Building Permits & Fees

Building Permits On Valuation
Plan Check Fee 65% of building permit fee
Recurring Plan Check Fee 25% of building permit fee
Plumbing (residential) $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Mechanical (residential) $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Air Conditioning Installation $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Air Conditioning (part of mechanical installation) $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Gas piping (that is not part of mechanical installation) $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Fireplace (gas or wood) $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Re-roofing (residential) On Valuation & $1.00 surcharge
Re-siding On Valuation & $1.00 surcharge
Window replacement (in existing opening) On Valuation & $1.00 surcharge
Demolition $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Other maintenance of minor projects as determined by the Building Official $80.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Other Inspections and Fees:
- Inspections outside of normal business hours $47.00 per hour*
- Re-Inspection fees $47.00 per hour*
- Inspections for which no fee is specifically indicated $47.00 per hour* (minimum charge one-half hour)
- Additional plan review required by changes, additions or revisions to plans $47.00 per hour*
- For use of outside consultants for plan checking and inspections or both Actual costs**
* Or the total hourly cost to the jurisdiction, whichever is the greatest. The cost shall include supervision, overhead, equipment, hourly wages and fringe benefits of the employees involved.

** Actual costs including administrative and overhead costs.
Septic Permit $728.00
- Maintenance Report Fee $20.00

Land Use & Zoning Fees

Variance, Appeal, Conditional Use Permit, Interim Use Permit, Amendment, Minor Subdivision, Preliminary Plat, Final Plat (Section 152.13), Excavation, Grading & Filling Permits (Section 152.06.G), Stormwater Management Plan (Section 53.095) $200.00 base fee plus $1000.00 escrow*
*Escrow may be reduced to $500 by the City Clerk for minor applications in the sole judgment of the City Clerk
Antenna/Tower Conditional Use Permit (Section 155.05) $1000.00
Antenna/Tower Annual Inspection Fee $300.00
WECS Annual Inspection Fee (Section $100.00
Zoning Permit (including Pool Permit in Section 153.04) $75.00
Septic Site Plan Review $200.00
Zoning and Engineering Site Plan Review $100.00
Right-of-Way or Public Easement Vacation $200.00 plus $600.00 escrow

Right-of-Way Use Fees

Right-of-Way Registration Fee (Section 56.05) $100.00
Right-of-Way Excavation Permit (Section 56.12) $500.00
Right-of-Way Construction Escrow (Section 55.01) $1000.00
Right-of-Way Permits (Section 56.12) $25.00

Public Safety & Enforcement Fees

False Alarm Fees (Sections 135.03 and 135.05)
- Alarms 3-6 $50.00
- Alarms 7+ $100.00
Administrative Penalties (Section 30.16)
- Building Code (Chapter 90) $300.00
- Sewer Ordinance (Chapter 51) $300.00
- Sign Ordinance (Chapter 94) $100.00
- Parking Regulations (Chapter 71) $75.00
- Road Escrow (Chapter 55) $200.00
- Fence (Chapter 93) $200.00
- Exterior Storage (Chapter 95) $200.00
- Peddlers (Chapter 113) $200.00
- Excavation/Filling (Chapter 152) $150.00
- Animal Licensing & Control (Chapter 91) $150.00
- All other offenses $75.00

Additional Resources

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