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A brief history of our city...

The City of Dellwood is comprised of approximately 1,800 acres, with the most recent Census Report listing a population of 1,075. Dellwood is situated along the Northeast shores of White Bear Lake. Being one of the smaller residential communities in Washington County, its landscape portrays a pastoral rolling rural setting.


The area was first settled in the early 1850’s, predominately by people moving out from St. Paul to enjoy the natural spaces and its summer recreational opportunities.

Outing at White Bear Lake, 1885 | Credit: Minnesota Historical Society


Population throughout the area increased after 1870, when the Stillwater & St. Paul Railroad was completed around the north side of White Bear Lake and across what is now Grant Township — the Washington County Historical Society reports that the Village of Dellwood, when platted in 1882, consisted principally of summer homes located on the Stillwater & White Bear Railroad line, many “with large, architect-designed cottages of often palatial portions.”  Part of the area’s lore includes celebrated “highly active social summers” with F. Scott Fitzgerald living in a Dellwood cottage when he wrote The Great Gatsby.

F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda, 1921, at the White Bear Yacht Club
F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda, pictured in 1921 at the White Bear Yacht Club - White Bear Lake Area Historical Society | Submitted


Dellwood was reorganized from a Village (incorporated in 1917) to a City in 1992.  Though the City is platted to include designated farm land, Dellwood’s land and properties are principally a suburban residential setting with single family homes.  The City is recognized for several commercial “farm businesses.”  The Pine Tree Apple Orchard is a long-established 300-acre farm in Dellwood that grows apples, strawberries, pumpkins, etc., has its own bakery, and offers wagon rides and other seasonal activities.  On another farm parcel, 7 Vines Winery has developed into a destination vineyard on the historic 180-acre estate formerly owned by the family of railroad magnate James J Hill.

Dellwood's Growth 1917-2007 | Map by Paul Clifford Larson


From its earliest zoning ordinances, Dellwood has endeavored to provide a semi-rural, large lot, high quality single family community. The City continues to preserve this characteristic through careful zoning provisions. Dellwood has a City Council, Planning Commission, and active private homeowners groups. With large residential lot sizes, each building parcel has its own well/septic system. The City works closely with regional environmental agencies to ensure ecological compliance. A majority of the Dellwood Ordinances can be found online.

Apple Orchard Estates | Image by Paul Clifford Larson

A Walk Through Dellwood

Local historian and author, Paul Clifford Larson, takes readers through a detailed history of Dellwood.  This book contains the captivating story and numerous images from throughout the City’s history.

A Walk through Dellwood