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Permits and Setbacks


It is difficult to list each and every thing which may require a Permit. Permits are needed for fences and the Building Code applies generally to every structure.  Sheds and fences can be approved under an Administrative Permit.

It may be necessary to require the property owner to submit a detailed description of what he/she wants to do in order for the City to determine what sort of CUP, IUP, Permit or Variance may be needed.

Demolition permit applicants use our general building permit form along with the required “Demolition Agreement” in connection with the Demolition Permit


With regard to setbacks, most are covered by Section 152.5 of the Zoning Ordinance.  Setbacks are required from various things, including lakes, wetlands, water basins, septic systems, wells, and property lines.

Driveways 10 feet from property line
Water oriented structures boathouse 10 feet from ordinary high water mark
Structures 40 feet from front Lot line
40 feet from rear Lot line
30 feet from side Lot line

(There is an exception under which the front and lake setbacks may be set in line with existing structures situated on the adjoining Lots on each side.)

  • Corner Lot front yard setbacks usually apply to both the front and the side facing the streets.
  • The structure setback from any Federal, State or County Road is 40 feet.
  • Setbacks from the Ordinary High-Water Mark of water bodies vary:
    1. White Bear Lake 75 feet
    2. Long Lake 100 feet
    3. Pine Tree Lake 150 feet



Detached garages are subject to all setback requirements.

Garages are governed by a separate Section in the Ordinance.  In the R-1 District  the maximum total allowable garage space is 1200 square feet, including all attached and detached garage space.   In the F/E and R-2 Districts, the maximum is 1500 square feet.

The definition of “accessory Building” in the Ordinance should not be deemed to include detached garages,

The garage space within a “tuck-under” garage is not included in the computation of total garage space (152.6 D.(6).

No residential Lot may have more than two (2) garages.

No garage space may be built or used for living quarters.

Lots having an area of two acres, but less than 3 acres and have an attached garage, are allowed to have an additional detached garage up to 1500 square feet.  However, the total garage space cannot exceed 3000 square feet and no garage itself can exceed 1500 square feet.

Lots having 3 acres or more and have an attached garage are allowed to have an additional detached garage up to 1800 square feet.  Total garage space cannot exceed 3300 square feet or the footprint of the main dwelling.


Any residential Lot is allowed to have “no more than one accessory building for purposes of household storage and/or workshop.” Accessory Structures are subject to setbacks.

  • Under the current Ordinance no accessory building may contain plumbing facilities.
  • The maximum size of an accessory building is 200 square feet in area and 10 feet in height.
  • Additional or larger accessory buildings may be allowed under a Use Permit.


The State of Minnesota issues and inspects the electrical for the City of Dellwood.

Permits can be obtained online using the state’s DOLI.MN website, or in person at the MN, Dept. of Labor and Industry, 443 Lafayette Rd. N., St. Paul, MN, 55155-4342.


All types of recreational vehicles parked on property more than (30) days per calendar year must be concealed from all roads and adjacent residences by screening.

Please cite Code Section 152.9 #5 in the Dellwood Code Book