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New Dellwood Recycling Service

Update – 5/18/2023, 10:45AM

Recycling with Genes continues on the same every other Thursday schedule Dellwood residents have long enjoyed.

Waste Management is no longer providing recycle service and we are attempting to collect remaining WM bins. We have scheduled a WM bin collection for Tuesday May 23, any resident that still has a WM recycle bin should bring it to the curb by morning of the 23rd for collection.

Thank you all again for your patience through this transition.


Joel Holstad
City Clerk/Administrator

Update – 5/8/2023, 9:15AM

Waste Management should have all bins picked up, and all residents should have their new Gene’s bin. If you don’t have a bin from Gene’s please call them directly at (651) 426 1224.

If you still have a Waste Management bin please contact Waste Management customer service and email the Dellwood clerk at

Thank you everyone for you patience and understanding throughout this change.

Update – 5/4/2023, 12:30PM

Waste Management should be retrieving their recycle bins by end of day, May 4. If you still have a recycle bin from Waste Management after May 4, please email the City Clerk at

Update – 4/27/2023, 12:45PM

Waste Management is scheduled to retrieve their recycling carts Thursday, May 4th, which is a regular recycle day. Please make sure your WM recycle carts are curbside for pick up. Waste Management WILL NOT enter driveways to retrieve their recycling carts.

Gene’s will also be picking up recycling on May 4th as part of their normal recycling service for the city.

By now most residents have noticed barrels from “Genes”. Genes is the new city recycling service provider, effective immediately. We are excited to have obtained Genes commitment to our recycling needs and welcome having a local company with local support to better serve our community.

The pickup schedule hasn’t changed, Thursday May 4th will be the next pickup and will be in Genes bins. Please start collecting your recycling in Genes bins immediately.

We had expected Waste Management to retrieve their bins last Thursday, April 20th, as they collected their last recycling in Dellwood. They chose not to collect the bins yet, we are negotiating with Waste Management for a firm pickup date. In the interim, it’s OK to leave your Waste Management bin at curbside if that is most convenient.

We ask that residents watch this web site for updates, and I ask for forgiveness for not having communicated this transition better.

Thank you to all who have been so courteous when calling with questions, and everyone is encouraged to call with questions as we complete this transition.

Joel Holstad
Dellwood City Clerk