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Dellwood Recycling remains exclusively with Gene’s disposal.

Certain residents have had Walters claim they were the new provider, this is merely a mistake by Walters not having certainty as to Dellwood city lines. Walters is the new provider for City of Mahtomedi, we expect this confusion will exist only along our border with our Mahtomedi friends.

If you lose your Gene’s bin, please call Gene’s Disposal directly at 651-426-1224

The City of Dellwood contracts with Gene’s Disposal ( to provide citywide recycling services to residents.

To request information or changes related to your recycling services (e.g. needing a larger cart) or reporting missed pick ups, you may fill out the below form, or contact:

City Hall:

Gene’s Disposal Contact Information:
Office:  (651) 426-1224

Contact us about recycling services