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Public Safety

Xcel Energy preparing for snow, freezing rain, and wind; offers tips for staying safe

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Xcel Energy preparing for snow, freezing rain, and wind; offers tips for staying safe

Crews prepared to respond to possible power outages

MINNEAPOLIS (December 12, 2022)With various forms of severe weather predicted to hit the Upper Midwest this week, Xcel Energy is staging employees who will work to get the lights back on if customers lose power during the snow, freezing rain and wind predicted for the region. We also have tips customers can use to stay safe, report outages and stay informed when severe weather strikes.

Xcel Energy has increased staffing levels and put operational plans in place to make sure key employees, including line workers, are available and able to respond to outages that may occur due to severe weather.

We understand losing power can be a major inconvenience for customers, so we plan and prepare for weather that may cause outages. Xcel Energy crews are ready to safely restore electric service to customers as quickly as possible.

Report your outage
Customers can help Xcel Energy get a jump on power restoration by reporting outages. Customers have several ways to report outages.

  • Through the My Xcel Energy mobile app, available in the Apple App Store and through Google Play.
  • Online at
  • Via text by texting ‘OUT’ to 98936 to report an outage, or texting STAT to the same number to check the status of a power outage.
  • By calling 1-800-895-1999 and following the prompts—the automated phone reporting system lets customers report outages in less than 60 seconds. Once the cause of the problem is identified, the system or an Xcel Energy representative will provide customers with an estimated restoration time when available.

Stay informed
If outages occur, it’s important for customers to have access to the most recent updates about their power restoration. Customers can stay informed by using the My Xcel Energy mobile app or visiting the Xcel Energy website. The website hosts an outage map that displays information on the number of customers out and anticipated time for restoration when available. Customers can also stay informed by following Xcel Energy on Facebook and Twitter.

Other ways customers can prepare, stay safe

  • Stay away from downed power lines. Always assume an electric line, even one that is on or near the ground, is energized and therefore dangerous. Never, under any circumstance, touch or move a downed power line. If you come across a downed power line, leave the area and report it immediately by calling 1-800-895-1999.
  • Build a home emergency kit. Xcel Energy recommends assembling an easily accessible kit that can be used in the event of a power outage. Useful items may include:
    • Xcel Energy phone numbers – 1-800-895-1999 for residential or 1-800-481-4700 for business
    • Battery-powered radio or television
    • Flashlights
    • Batteries
    • Back up phone chargers
    • A phone that does not require electricity
    • Non-electric alarm clock
    • Bottled water and nonperishable food
    • Manual can opener
    • First aid kit
    • Extension cords (for partial outages)
    • Manufacturer’s instructions on how to manually open power-operated doors (e.g., garage doors)
  • Heating safety. If using a space heater, take care to ensure safety as more than 65,000 home fires are attributed to heating equipment each year in the United States, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. When using a space heater, make sure the heater has the label showing it is listed by a recognized testing laboratory, and read the manufacturer’s instructions and warning labels. Additionally, inspect heaters for cracked or broken plugs and connections; don’t use it if they are frayed, worn or damaged. Never leave a space heater unattended. Turn it off when leaving a room and don’t go to sleep with a space heater on. Additionally, Xcel Energy offers rebates and incentives to install energy efficient furnaces and insulation.
  • Observe food safety. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, food safety is directly related to the temperature of the food. To maintain refrigerator and freezer temperatures, keep doors closed as much as possible. A full freezer will stay at freezing temperatures for approximately two days and a half-full freezer approximately one day. Visit the USDA website for more information.

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About Xcel Energy
Xcel Energy (NASDAQ: XEL) provides the energy that powers millions of homes and businesses across eight Western and Midwestern states. Headquartered in Minneapolis, the company is an industry leader in responsibly reducing carbon emissions and producing and delivering clean energy solutions from a variety of renewable sources at competitive prices. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Fee Schedule

City of Dellwood Fee Schedule - City Code Section 30.11

The City Council may adopt those fees and charges that are authorized by this code. Until a fee becomes effective, all fees and charges established by ordinance or resolution prior to the adoption of this code shall remain in effect. Once a fee has become effective any previous fee is no longer in effect.  License fees are annual fees and permit fees are for each permit, unless specified otherwise.  The following license fees and permit fees shall be paid to the City Clerk together with the application for license or permit:

* This page was last updated on May 6, 2024 with the latest fees. For a PDF copy of the Fee Schedule, please Click Here.


General Fees

For all licenses and permits not listed below $30.00

Administrative Fees

Copies $0.25 per sheet (residents free within reason)
Return Check Fee $30.00

Business & License Fees

Garbage License (Section 50.12) $200.00
Vendor License Application Fee $1.00 per application
Vendor License $200.00
Liquor License (Chapter 112) $600.00
Temporary Liquor License $0.00 per permit
Cigarette License (Chapter 114) $40.00

Animal Control Fees

Animal License (Section 91.02) $10.00 for two years
Animal Control Impound Fee (Section 91.07) $90.00 per occurrence PLUS
* $22 daily impound and any veterinary costs
* All fees incurred by the City shall be born by the animal owner

General Permit Fees

Gambling Permit (Chapter 116) $0.00
Fireworks Application Permit Fee (Section 130.03) $200.00
Open Burning Permit (Section 130.09) Amount required by White Bear Lake Fire Department
Public Dance Permit (Section 118.03) $200.00

Building Permits & Fees

Building Permits On Valuation
Plan Check Fee 65% of building permit fee
Recurring Plan Check Fee 25% of building permit fee
Plumbing (residential) $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Mechanical (residential) $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Air Conditioning Installation $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Air Conditioning (part of mechanical installation) $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Gas piping (that is not part of mechanical installation) $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Fireplace (gas or wood) $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Re-roofing (residential) On Valuation & $1.00 surcharge
Re-siding On Valuation & $1.00 surcharge
Window replacement (in existing opening) On Valuation & $1.00 surcharge
Demolition $100.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Other maintenance of minor projects as determined by the Building Official $80.00 & $1.00 surcharge
Other Inspections and Fees:
- Inspections outside of normal business hours $47.00 per hour*
- Re-Inspection fees $47.00 per hour*
- Inspections for which no fee is specifically indicated $47.00 per hour* (minimum charge one-half hour)
- Additional plan review required by changes, additions or revisions to plans $47.00 per hour*
- For use of outside consultants for plan checking and inspections or both Actual costs**
* Or the total hourly cost to the jurisdiction, whichever is the greatest. The cost shall include supervision, overhead, equipment, hourly wages and fringe benefits of the employees involved.

** Actual costs including administrative and overhead costs.
Septic Permit $800.00
- Maintenance Report Fee $25.00

Land Use & Zoning Fees

Variance, Appeal, Conditional Use Permit, Interim Use Permit, Amendment, Minor Subdivision, Preliminary Plat, Final Plat (Section 152.13), Excavation, Grading & Filling Permits (Section 152.06.G), Stormwater Management Plan (Section 53.095) $200.00 base fee plus $1000.00 escrow*
*Escrow may be reduced to $500 by the City Clerk for minor applications in the sole judgment of the City Clerk
Antenna/Tower Conditional Use Permit (Section 155.05) $1000.00
Antenna/Tower Annual Inspection Fee $300.00
WECS Annual Inspection Fee (Section $100.00
Zoning Permit (including Pool Permit in Section 153.04) $75.00
Septic Site Plan Review $200.00
Zoning and Engineering Site Plan Review $100.00
Right-of-Way or Public Easement Vacation $200.00 plus $600.00 escrow

Right-of-Way Use Fees

Right-of-Way Registration Fee (Section 56.05) $100.00
Right-of-Way Excavation Permit (Section 56.12) $500.00
Right-of-Way Construction Escrow (Section 55.01) $1000.00
Right-of-Way Permits (Section 56.12) $25.00

Public Safety & Enforcement Fees

False Alarm Fees (Sections 135.03 and 135.05)
- Alarms 3-6 $50.00
- Alarms 7+ $100.00
Administrative Penalties (Section 30.16)
- Building Code (Chapter 90) $300.00
- Sewer Ordinance (Chapter 51) $300.00
- Sign Ordinance (Chapter 94) $100.00
- Parking Regulations (Chapter 71) $75.00
- Road Escrow (Chapter 55) $200.00
- Fence (Chapter 93) $200.00
- Exterior Storage (Chapter 95) $200.00
- Peddlers (Chapter 113) $200.00
- Excavation/Filling (Chapter 152) $150.00
- Animal Licensing & Control (Chapter 91) $150.00
- All other offenses $75.00

Additional Resources

Washington County “Code Red” System

The Washington County Public Health Department and Washington County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a Mass Notification System named “Code RED”.

Code RED is a web-based system allowing a large number of regional citizens to be contacted in a very short period of time, by a geographically based delivery of phone and text messaging. The system uses the latest in mass-notification technology making the system very easy to use.

Dellwood’s contract with Washington County provides our residents the ability to create their own account at no cost; at any time, Dellwood residents can add or remove numbers they want the Code RED system to call. This is a City/County partnership that truly benefits all of us. To sign up for Code RED, go to and follow instruction links on the page.

Code RED Widget

Code RED just started offering a notification widget that shows the last notifications put out by the various Washington County agencies. The Widget can be downloaded for free at:

Code Red Latest Alerts Visual

Police, Fire, & Paramedics

For emergency assistance, dial 9-1-1

If you or others are experiencing an emergency situation, please dial 9-1-1 immediately

Washington County Sheriff

15015 62nd St N
Stillwater, MN 55082
Non-Emergency: (651) 439-9381
Emergency: 911

White Bear Lake Fire Department (Station #910)

4701 Highway 61
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
Non-Emergency: (651) 429-8568
Emergency: 911

White Bear Lake Fire Department (Station #920)

2240 E County Road E
White Bear Lake, MN 55110
Non-Emergency: (651) 429-8568
Emergency: 911